My lifesize babies / preemies

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All babies are hand sculpted without using any molds. I'm inspired of my own kids and their faces you can find in nearly all my babies. I use polymer clay.

All my babies get a sewed cloth body by my mom, she is a seamstress. Sometimes she knits or sews also special baby-clothes for them. All bodies are different and special made in size and style for each baby! I use only hygienic filling-materials.

My awake babies get the best lifelike German glass-eyes. They are mouth-blown and very expensive. I prefer the eyes with different colors and big iris in dark blue or brown.

I use finest mohair and prefer to root the hair into the unbaked clay. This work is really hard and takes many hours, but for my own taste it has the most realistic look and you can style it however you want.

I choose with a lot of fun the clothes for each baby. It is like buying for a real baby! They get a diaper and a hand sewed fleece-blanket too.