News - Updates

I will keep you updated on this page when there is something new like new dolls, events, etc.

I want to thank you all , who have already signed my guestbook, with such kind compliments! This is so exciting and lets me know, that I'm working in the right direction.

I am overwhelmed by the demand for my babies and I'd like to thank everyone, I'm honoured that you like my babies so much - Thank you!!!

About my babies: I want to say that I started sculpting babies for my own collection, but when I needed more space at home I decided to make them avaiable to collectors on ebay.

If you want to know when a baby will be available on eBay, please send me an email and I will put your name on my mailing-list!

Best regards





There hasn't been any news on my website for some time, but I simple have not much time left for sculpting next to my job, kids, family, dog and other committments. I need to fight for each "sculpting-minute" and than I have to have the right hands at the right time for this work!

But finally there are 2 new minibabies. One of them is little Elsie who I have finished this summer already and the other one is just born, Clara. Just check out the Mini-OOAKS on my website!

Like always are your guestbook-entries and feedback to my work welcome and much appreciated! Thank you and bye for now!


There are some news, a lot has "happened" in the meantime. I have attended the international Doll-show in the UK in June, which has been very successful and we had a great time.

I have sculpted a new baby, Maddy, which is a very rare awake and smiling baby in a bigger size. Many of you know that I rarely sculpt babies like her. Also a new minibaby, Rosie, 12" is born. All new OOAKs you can find in the galleries on my website now.

Thank you so much for your visit!


After a longer creative break I'm back with 2 exciting news! I have a new OOAK-baby Vicky (I have worked 2 months on her!), you find her pics in the OOAK-gallerie!

I can happily announce that my OOAK preemie Kathy will be reproduced as a Reborn-vinyl-kit and will be released around Xmas. More info about her kit and how to pre-order her you find in the vinylkit-section!


Finally I can put up some updates on my website! There are some pics of my last doll-show in the UK and I have added an other album of my latest OOAK-mini Amy!

We want to say thank you to all visitors at the dol-show in Peterborough for allyour interest in my work. We had a great time and have met wonderful people again! I have left only a few OOAKs at the show and all handknitted sets by my mom have sold out fast! Thank you so much!

Hugs, Monika


I have a new preemie in progress, she is a portraitbaby, you find her in the navigation-button "In progess". I also have finished a couple of new OOAK-minis, I will add them to my website as soon as possible!

I also want to announce that my latest OOAK-mini Benny has won the 1st price in an online-contest on the Heirloom Reborn Baby Guild-webseite. This made me to the artist of the month april 2008. I'm very happy and feel very honored about that!


After a while some new babies: Dani, a micropreemie, Emmy, a preemie around 19" and today is Nick born, a mini around 10".


A new baby, Terese, is in the works. My 1st baby for 2008!


A Happy, Healthy New Year to everyone! The old year I have finished with my last baby for 2007 with Angie! Now I can start with new work the new year!

Mikey's kit should arrive from Asia any day now, I can't wait to see him reborned! Pics of the blank vinyl-kit and the reborned prototype you can find in the section for reborn-vinyl-kits.

Thank you all so much for supporting my work, for visiting my website and for all your wonderful comments for my work! Without you this all wouldn't be possible! Hugs, Monika


I'm back from the UK and I just have posted pics of the international doll-show in Peterborough / England in the menubutton doll-shows. We had a great time and have met a lot of wonderful people!